Projects Cebravila

CEBRAVILA's team has a vast experience of over 12 years, gained within different companies that form the group and render their services as a general contractor in the construction sector.

CEBRAVILA develops its activity mainly in the following areas:

    Housing construction
    Construction for tertiary sector – hostels
    Construction for tertiary sector – offices
    Interior renovation

CEBRAVILAis formed by a team of highly specialised multidisciplinary clearly customer-oriented specialists focused on the final result of the construction, who assume the goals of our clients as their own, and work shoulder-to-shoulder and day by day as an extrapolation of our clients' technical teams.

CEBRAVILA's team is distinguished by its:

    1.Professionalism (a highly qualified team) and responsibility.
    2.Efficiency and dedication.
    3.Commitment to:

In order to satisfy more and more demanding requirements of our clients and the real estate market, we apply technical solutions developed by our team, using the most innovative and environment-friendly technologies..


Rises out of the changing situation in the construction sector. We offer integrated solutions to meet new demands emerging on the renovation market.

We have the best team, inherited from one of the leading construction groups, including both technical professionals and qualified workforce, which enables us to undertake a wide range of activities, from the smallest renovation works, to the biggest projects you are willing to entrust us with.

We operate mainly in the provinces of Ávila and Madrid, where our executive offices are located. However, we may operate at any localization, following the feasibility study.

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