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CEBRAVILA has a vast experience of over 12 years, gained within different companies that form the group and render their services as a general contractor in the construction sector.


International expansion

In recent years, Cebravila has started up its international activity, reinforced by its strong position on the national market
Our objectives are directed towards Germany and Poland, two countries with great potential, resulting from national activity and EU support respectively.
This decision is motivated by the pursuit of new markets, the increase in company's turnover and willingness to export our business model, developed through years of study and analyses.

Implementation of housing projects in Murcia

Cebravila has been entrusted by Las Lomas de Pozuelo company with the completion of a residential building on the coast in the municipality Los Alcázares in Murcia province.
A total number of 49 apartments is unfinished due to the crisis that affected Spanish coastal zone. Thanks to the involvement of new investors, the decision has been taken to complete the construction of the apartments and place them on the market. Cebravila has been entrusted with this project.
The total investment amount for 49 apartments carried out by Cebravila amount to approximately EUR 1 million.

Facility management of an office building

Cebravila has been contracted by Unitono company, part of the AVANZA SA group, for integrated management of a rented office building located in Madrid on Santa Lucrecia street, no. 11.
Cebravila carries out integrated installation maintenance works as well as manages repairs and conservation of the building.
The floor area in the building is approximately 7 100 m², it has 4 storeys of offices and 3 levels of underground car park.

Facility management of a rental residential building

Cebravila has been contracted by Alquimaison company (SOCIMI) for integrated management of a residential property with apartments for rent located in Méndez Álvaro (Madrid).
Cebravila carries out integrated installation maintenance works as well as manages repairs and conservation of the building.
The property comprises 220 apartments, the surface managed by Cebravila is approximately 15 500 m².


Rises out of the changing situation in the construction sector. We offer integrated solutions to meet new demands emerging on the renovation market.

We have the best team, inherited from one of the leading construction groups, including both technical professionals and qualified workforce, which enables us to undertake a wide range of activities, from the smallest renovation works, to the biggest projects you are willing to entrust us with.

We operate mainly in the provinces of Ávila and Madrid, where our executive offices are located. However, we may operate at any localization, following the feasibility study.

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